motor oil change M103

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Depending on the driving circumstances, often short trips or longer trips, an oil change needs to be done at 5.000km or max. at 10.000km. As I am having a mixed driving habit, a 5.000km oil change is still my preferrence. A good synthetic oil with high a shear value is also important to me, as a good filter. After a bit of research, I found that the original Mann Filter W719/13 has a paper media, the newer style Mobil1 filter (#M1-205) uses synthetic blend media which has finer pores and is able to filter finer particles. This filter is used from 2014 on.


Oil filter
6 L. Motoroil
washer for drain bolt (MB # 007603 014106)


Torque wrench, 13mm socket, oil filter wrench,
small low container which fits the filter, paper towl, bucket for old oil,
8mm socket, ramp for better access

Before you start make sure that you dive close to 20km to get the oil really warm. Drive on a level ramp to get more access and have an easier work space. Remove the motor undercover by removing the 4 8mm bolts. Place you bucket and drain the oil. In the mean time place some cloth arond the oil filter, remove the oil filter using the oil wrench and keep the small container handy when removing the filter. This way you can catch some dripping oil. Make sure that the seal ring is not stuck on the oil filter housing.
Place some oil on the seal ring of the new filter and spinn the filter on. Make it hand tight and turn an additional 1/4 turn. Done. Looking at the draining, if it is very slow dripping, place the new washer on the bolt and tighten the bolt with 25NM. Clean with paper towl. Get your fresh oil and fill close to 6L.. Start the motor to prime the new filter. Watch the oil gauge and pay attention to the motor sound. 30 seconds should be enough and stop the motor. Wait 5 minutes and check the oil level and make sure it stays at the Min.-level. Put some oil in the trunk and take a nice drive until motor is really warmed up. Check the oil level again and make sure it stays up to Max.-level. Done.