A Fading Star

A few weeks back, a member of the best internet forum for my favourite Mercedes-Benz serie, the W126, posted a link to the article mentioned below.

What should I say; as the article reflects to a very high degree my feelings towards the change of the Mercedes Brand, I wanted to share this with you as well.

Retrospective: Fading Star

Once the definition of supremacy, Mercedes-Benz has become just another car brand. A retrospection.

The iPhone is not just some smartphone. A Leica is not just another camera. Ch√Ęteau Margaux is not any old kind of wine.

Some brands serve not as mere differentiators, but as definition of the kind of product they represent. 'The Ritz' would therefore never be mistaken for a youth hostel, just as Ryanair will never be associated with luxury or style of any kind. 

For decades, the Mercedes-Benz brand enjoyed a similarly distinctive reputation. A Mercedes, any Mercedes (or 'Daimler', as the company and brand used to be referred to in its home territory) was simply the best car of its kind. Not the most fashionable, nor the fastest or loudest. Just 'the best'. And, usually, the most expensive too.

Read on using this link to the original article of car enthusiast and writer Christopher Butt.  

Talk to you soon.



New Steering Damper

A few weeks ago when changing the motor oil, I noticed that the steering damper of my Mercedes-Benz S-Class was leaking oil. The steering was a little more soft, but not bad.

As the replacement of the steering damper is really a small and quick undertaking, I had a little time today. Drove my car onto the lower ramp, grabbed a 17mm socket wrench and a 17mm open wrech, a little blue thread safe and my brand new Stabilus steering damper, and crawled underneath.

10 Minutes later and I drove off for a short test drive and noticed a slight difference in the steering. I was not so soft anymore, more direct.
Let's see how long the damper will last, as the one I replaced was still the original one with now 201.391 km on the clock.

Talk to you soon.


Start into Season 2019

The start into the season 2019 was today.

After re-activating the registration of my Mercedes-Benz, the next thing was to complete an oil change at 200.902km. Normally I change the motor oil after each season, but last year I was too busy with other work around the house, so there was no time to get it done.

Finishing the oil change and washing off the winter dust, it was time for the first drive. Boy was that a good feeling to be on the road again with my favorite drive.

Talk to you soon.



Start into Season 2018


After a long wait of more than 6 month I was able to start my 300SE today.
With 195.775km on the odometer to start in the 2018 season, the 200.000km mark will be propably broken this year.

With this kind of a car, build for long trips, the saying "You have to make miles" will be especially true.

Talk to you soon.



New CO2 sensor

As my Mercedes Benz still had the original CO2 sensor installed and with a milage of nearly 200.000km, it was time to remove it and install a new one. The normal life expectancy is between 100.000km and 120.000km. As the sensor is installed for so long in the exhaust pipe and very often rusty and baked with the pipe togother, it is very tricky to get it loose. Sometimes it is so bad, that not even heating up will get the bugger out. The only option is then to install a new piece of exhaust pipe to be bale to install a new sensor.
If you are interested about the installation, take a look here.