New Spark Plugs

The 300er Mercedes Benz got new spark plugs.

After 14000km it was time for a new set of fresh spark plugs.
As the current ones are Beru 14K 7DUO (non-resistor plugs), and those did a great job and kept the machine running smooth, I decided to get the same again. But finding those plain and simple ones, was a bit of a challange, as those are not common any more.
Seaching for days, I finally bit the bullet and checked with people in Germany. Some emails and 2 sets were on it's way to Canada.

Having still the old cable set with resistors in the connectors, I didn't want to run the newer plugs which have resistors build in and which were readily available.

30 minutes later, the easy and relaxing job was finished. Placing the cable set nicely into the holder, starting the car, all is set for the 2016 season.

And as you can see on the image to the right, all plugs are burning correctly. The colour is light grey which indicates an optimal result. The air/fuel mixture is set properly.
Click the image for the full size image which gives a better view.

Talk to you soon


Mercedes Key Map

At the time the Mercedes-Benz W126 Serie was current, Mercedes offered it's own leather key map for their customers matching the colour of the interior. What a perfect fit. I don't think any other automobile brand offered such.
For a real Mercedes-Benz enthusiast, this is a must have.
The leather key map is still available, unfortunately only in black. Lucky me, as my interior is black leather. Still a perfect match as it was in the old days.

Talk to you soon.



New Vehicle Stands

120 wood blocks, 720 deck screws, equals to 4 vehicle stands.

Today I finished my newly self made vehicle stands for my Mercedes-Benz W126 300SE. As the regular axle stands from the shelf have a V-shaped top to place the vehicle lift points on, this would not fit very well with the round shaped lift points of my Mercedes-Benz.

To get a smooth and level area to place the vehicle lift points on, a thin and square plywood sheet was added to the top, as seen in the image to the right. The stands have a total height of 40cm by 784 square cm. This should be stable enough to hold the vehicle up in the air on all 4 points.

The planned wheel change over and cleaning of all 4 aluminum rims should be an easy and safe task now.

Talk to you soon.



Thousend Clicks on a Weekend

Have you ever heard of The Battlefords ?
In the north west corner of Saskatchewan and at the North Saskatchewan River you will find Battleford and North Battleford. That is the final destination for this weekends trip with my Mercedes-Benz 300SE. The longest trip since being in Canada.

On a wonderful day, sunshine with the temperature on the little cooler side, driving the nearly empty Yellowhead Highway on an early Friday afternoon will be already a relaxing time. Especially in such a smooth riding vehicle as the Mercedes-Benz W126 serie.

During the five hour journey, taking a coffee and a bite to eat at a Truck Stop was a necessity.

Freshed-up with an additional coffee for the road the left 3 hours of the journey were taken on. The Rollobox in the center console made up as a perfect cup holder. Just making sure not to get a large cup as otherwise the arm rest can not be used .

The long, but still relaxing drive, was awarded with an awesome view of the North Saskatchewan River flowing slowly between North Battleford and Battleford.

Coming home save and sound with 998km more on the odometer. My Mercedes-Benz drove reliably and smooth as usual. And it is just the beginning of the 2015 season.

Talk to you soon.



The Old Smooth Start

The rough start with this buh buh buh in the first few seconds is finally gone.
The old style smooth and quite start is back!

The worn-out dripping injectors are replaced by a new set of 6. New seals on the injectors itself and additional new seals on the injector sleeves are rounding up the action. The leisure time fun of 3 hours fun is rewarded with an even smoother idle and an improved and smooth start.

As an Mercedes Enthusiast, you can read up on the procedure involved. A bit of free time, practical understanding and willingness to get hands dirty, you are on your way.

Talk to you soon.