Season 2014 is over

Too sad, but today was the last day to enjoy a ride with my Mercedes-Benz 300SE.

The weather forcast is showing for the coming week rainy and snowy days. For this time of the year nothing new here. Actually, it was quite warm and dry the last few weeks and that meant still perfect driving weather.
But I won't be without my Mercedes-Benz over the winter month, as a few projects are on the horizon.
Until spring 2015.

Talk to you soon.



Car Leather Care

When it comes to vehicle seats, I am a big fan of  leather; preferred black. If cold winter or hot summer, it is comfortable warm or cool. The smooth and soft leather of the W126 S-Class second serie is special.

And to keep my preferred seat covers with an age of currently 23 years in top shape, I have to take special care. As everyone has his own secretes when it comes to car leather care, here is my choice.

Leather Protector from Lederzentrum in Germany. Using only small amounts of Leather Protector with an soft but strong paper towl evenly applied will keep the leather fresh and in healthy state. This is done before, during and at the end of each driving season. Most importantly; small amounts often applied is better than big amounts once.
The next day I am able to enjoy not only my Mercedes-Benz 300SE, but also my smooth and freshened-up leather seats.

Talk to you soon.



2nd anniversary

Today is the second anniversary that my Mercedes-Benz W126 300SE is now at his new home.

A few weeks ago I got a note about a video called "Ahead of Its Time" which describes the long way the Mercedes-Benz S-Class came along to be the world-best automobile.
For a real enthusiast a "must have" in his collection.

Take a look yourself and you will notice why the Mercedes-Benz S-Class is Ahead of Its Time .

Talk to you soon.



Driving Season 2013 Finished

Again, the driving season for my Mercedes-Benz 300SE is coming to an end.
My spare time was filled with many joyful moments driving and maintaining my Mercedes. I was able to put on new shocks (front and rear), a new rubber seal for the antenna, clean and check the water drainage trench below the windshield, clean the rubber seals of the rear lights and front turning lights...... just to name a few. An eye catcher were the five alloy wheels cleaned close to factory finish. It was a time consuming job and a definite test of one's patience.
I knew, it would be well worth it.

One highlight close to the end of the driving season.

Over the next 5 month the Mercedes-Benz will be sitting quietly in the garage and awaiting Spring 2014.
Hopefully we will see you in 2014.



Trip to Good Spirit Lake

It was the last warm and sunny Sunday of the year to enjoy a coffee picnic outdoors and a chance to also enjoy one of the last rides before the driving season of 2013 comes to a close.

Being the official driver of my wife and daughter, we headed out to Good Spirit Lake for a short Walk and possibly a snack with coffee and cake in the camp ground. As it is end of September, the colourful leaves are leaving a wonderful impression. After a short Walk by 20șC with no wind and plenty of sunshine we decided to head out to a nice spot inside of the camp ground with the Mercedes-Benz. Luckily, the gates were still open. A short round through the camp ground and a perfect spot was found. We enjoyed our daughter's home-baked cup cakes and some coffee accompanied by sunshine and the quietness of nature. No sounds other than the birds in the trees. An exceptional time in the camp ground.

Talk to you soon