Trip to Good Spirit Lake

It was the last warm and sunny Sunday of the year to enjoy a coffee picnic outdoors and a chance to also enjoy one of the last rides before the driving season of 2013 comes to a close.

Being the official driver of my wife and daughter, we headed out to Good Spirit Lake for a short Walk and possibly a snack with coffee and cake in the camp ground. As it is end of September, the colourful leaves are leaving a wonderful impression. After a short Walk by 20C with no wind and plenty of sunshine we decided to head out to a nice spot inside of the camp ground with the Mercedes-Benz. Luckily, the gates were still open. A short round through the camp ground and a perfect spot was found. We enjoyed our daughter's home-baked cup cakes and some coffee accompanied by sunshine and the quietness of nature. No sounds other than the birds in the trees. An exceptional time in the camp ground.

Talk to you soon



Short Trip to Saltcoast

Sunday around noon, a sunny  26C  and I got eager to take my Mercedes-Benz 300SE for an extra ride.
A destination for a short trip was easily found. And so was a co-driver. My daughter and I went for a trip to Saltcoast.

Driving along the nearly empty highway with 90km/h, air-conditioned at 20C, and music in the background we enjoyed the colourful ditches, fields and open space of the Prairies.

Talk to you soon.



Clean Tail Lights

Temperatures of 32C with no wind and high humidity, is not for me the right environment to enjoy the outdoors. Not even with my Mercedes-Benz 300SE.

So, what to do with an Saturday afternoon like that ? Well, the tail lights seal and the area underneath still needed an inspection. Hopefully there will be just a bit of dust to clean off.
This easy job starts with turning the plastic holders and removing the cover which holds the light bulbs. Disconnecting the power plug which can now be put to the side.
What's left now, is the tail light itself, held together by six 9mm bolts which are easy to reach. After removing those, I was able to move the tail light out by first carefully pushing and pulling the whole unit to loosen the seal. Being in this position from the assembly line (early 1990) until now, 23 years later in August 2013, it is a bit difficult to move. And ripping the seal is no option, since I didn't have a spare one. After the seal was loose all-around, I started with the inner end pushing it out to a 40 angle.

In this position, moving backwards with tweeking and pushing to get the bolts out of their wholes, the left corner will come out eventually. I was happy and suprised about the result which was in front of me. As you maybe able to see, just dry dust, no rust!.
Using a wet towel cleaning the frame was an easy undertaking. While I left the frame to dry, I cleaned the sand dust from the seal. After waxing and polishing the frame area, the clean tail light went back in place.

Viewing the back of the Mercedes-Benz 300SE with shiny tail lights and knowing there was and is no rust - just an awesome feeling. 

Talk to you soon.



Just over 176.000 km

A sunny Sunday and a Mercedes-Benz 300SE W126, what combination could be better for a pleasant afternoon cruise.

While cruising along a smooth stretched highway with a bit more then the allowed speed limit , I noticed that the odometer was running close to 176.000 km. A coffee break  in the middle of Nowhere by sunshine and chirping birds was another Highlight of the afternoon trip.
My odometer showed 176.106 km when shutting off the engine.
An afternoon well spent.

Talk to you soon.



Rust Inspection

Today was another good day.

As every W126 enthusiast know, the area below the windshield, and especially the corners with the drains are prone for rust. If not looked after early enough, you will find big water paddles in the foot well of your nice car.

Plenty time on hand and the first time working on this project, I started by removing the wiper arms, the seal to the instrument compartment, the seal on the windshield and finally the leave cover. An astonishing result for an 23 year old car.
Except for 2 tiny spots of very light top rust, it was like a year old. Dusting the whole area and protecting with a very thin layer of FluidFilm, I was finished.

Putting it all back together and taking a short drive finished the day of a very happy owner
of a Mercedes-Benz W126.

Talk to you soon.