Clean and Shiny Shoes

After 23 years it was time to get a set of clean and shiny shoes.

To enjoy the summer driving a bit more with my 300SE, I started to clean the standard alloy rims of the W126 serie, named "Gullideckel". The name comes from the design, as it is nearly exactly the look of the very common street sewer cover in Germany.

All what I need are a few tooth brushes, mild alloy rim cleaner, car wax, soft cotton cloth, some spare time and a lot of patience, depending on the level of dirtiness.

After a few hours of intense cleaning I was able to imagine the result. A final layer of car wax polished to shine using a soft cotton cloth and I was awarded with this final result.
Cleaning the inside of the rim is the most demanding part. After so many years, the amount of baked-on brake dust was so immense that I had to use the help of very fine steel wool to get the top layer loosened.

The hours and effort were awarded with those shiny rims.

Once more, the summer driving feels even better now. 

Talk to you soon.



The search is still on....

A few weeks back an unexpected idle problem led to a search for a vacuum leak and/or a failure in certain idle related components. As every DIY vehicle owner knows, chasing a vacuum leak is not a pleasant hunt. With the help of some W126 enthusiasts from the W126 forum I was able to test different components for their correct voltage and resistance. But the culprit is still not found, despite replacing the idle control unit.

All vacuum related rubber parts and hoses are also on its way. During the hunt I discovered a not proper Electric Hydraulic Actuator (EHA) which was leaking a tiny amout of gasoline, but enough to soak the electrical connector in gasoline. As this part is not available here in Canada, it has to arrive directly from Germany. This will add 2 more weeks of un-pleasant waiting.
Stay tuned.

Talk to you soon.



Driving season 2013 opened

The first step for the 2013 driving season was completed today.

With the licence renewal the 2013 driving season for my Mercedes-Benz 300SE (W126) was begun and will end on Sunday, November 3rd 2013. The long awaited end of the winter break has arrived! This will enable me to test-drive the new installed parts, mainly the new water pump, head gasket, and top timing cover gasket.

After my first start and a short warm-up period, an unexpected new problem occured. The smooth idle was suddenly replaced with a strange and rough idle. The shorter than-initially-planned drive ended with a positive result. The coolant leak is gone and everything is dry and sealed properly. The age related oil leak at the top timing cover is also gone. At least some positive results for today.

However, the unexpected idle problem will bring new challanges!

Talk to you soon.



New Shocks

An even smoother ride is on the horizon.

A notification card from Canada Post in our mailbox gave me a hint that the new Bilstein shocks for my Mercedes-Benz 300SE might have arrived. As the package was handed over, I noticed the senders name and my initial thoughts were confirmed.

Now it's time to check the calendar for  another Saturday to spend in the garage. All 4 shocks will be replaced and the work will be rewarded with an even more comfortable ride.

Talk to you soon.



A new serpentine belt

Another Saturday morning well spent.

A somewhat old screeching serpentine belt was ready to be replaced. Days earlier I had removed and cleaned the fan in preparation for this job. Replacing the serpentine belt itself was "a piece of cake", but getting the 3 allen bolts from the fan back into its position was not an easy undertaking.

After fiddeling with my big hands for a good periode of time, the moment for some smaller hands to get the job done had come. With the help of my wife it was a matter of nearly ten minutes and the fan was secure in place.

The screeching is gone. 

Talk to you soon.