New Headlight Bulbs

More light at night.

Even when driving not as often at night, it is not only more secure to be able to see better and a bit more further, it is also more comfortable to drive with brighter light.

As the Mercedes W126 serie has the now old style H4 bulbs with 60/55Watts, it is astounding how much light this bulb can deliver. There are not much options out when it comes to choosing the right bulb, as for this serie the 3-prone bulb connectors are not that common any more. The more modern bulbs have those plastic housing connectors which won't fit.

Replacing the old bulbs with new ones is a 5 minutes job without any tools required. Open the hood and locate the grey plastic housing on the backside of the headlights, slide the metal retainer to the side, disconnect the plug from the bulb and place the new one carfully in without touching the glas. Just take the bulb at the connectors, place it correctly into the openings and put the electical connector back on. Close the plastic housing and push the metal retainer over and you are done. If you can't find the Osram Night Breaker, maybe order them online  from here with free shipping worldwide.
Enjoy your new and brighter headlights.

Talk to you soon.


Leaking Cylinder Head Seal

Bad Surprise. Not so good news!

As it turns out, my Mercedes is still leaking a bit of oil. Not as much as it used to be.
There is still oil in the spot I was always suspicious about if it was oil from the seal blowing in that spot by the airflow when driving or if it came from somewhere else.

As the new seal is in place and still dry, my suspicion seems to be true. The cylinder head seal is leaking oil at cylinder 6. After a bit of searching the internet, turns out, that this is not so uncommon. The good thing is, it is nearly at the end of the driving season 2016. My Mercedes will be soon in winter storage. Time to plan the big repair.

That's it for now.

Talk to you soon.


New Oil Pan Seal

The long waiting periode is over.
With 189.738km my Mercedes got a new oil pan seal.
After 2 days the new seal is in place. The replacement went well, except one little surprise which I managed with the help of a friend.
To my surprise one allen bolt was already round up inside. Using a torx bit with a slightly wider size didn't do the trick. The bolt was really stubborn. A good vise grip plier and the wider torx with good muscle power got the bolt finally loose. After that, all went as planned.

A detailed desription of the work can be found here.

Talk to you soon.


Adding Cruise Control

The only addition to my Mercedes-Benz as original ordered - Cruise Control - a must-have in Canada. Why a must-have you may ask? Take only a look at our endless empty highways and you will soon realize how this comes in handy.
Not only that, it makes the long hour drives more comfortable after all.

Inspired by Others and knowing that this addition was a "plug-and-play" installation the decision process was a no-brainer and the parts needed were ordered quickly. The cruise control arm, one rubber plug, one new screw and the fitting cover for the steering wheel column. After 2 hours the cruise control was installed.

The installation ended with a positive test drive.

Talk to you soon.


New Fuel Filter

With warm and sunny weather today, it was a perfect day to change the fuel filter on my Mercedes-Benz 300SE. Fuel related work requires a good ventilated work environment and workin in an open garage by such good weather is a pleasent undertaking.

After 2 hours of relaxing work, my Mercedes-Benz was running with a frsh new fuel filter.
How this is done ? Just take a look at my detailed step by step description. Enjoy.

Talk to you soon.