Installing new hood pad

My Mercedes-Benz got a nice fresh-up under the hood.

After more than 20 years, my hood pad was falling apart, but not as bad as I have seen on photos of other cars. The foam gets dry and brittle. And after each time when the hood was closed, small pieces were falling all over the motor. Not nice for an S-Class Mercedes. Sitting now for nearly 2-1/2 years in some corner, the MB original hood pad with the famous waffle design is now in it's rightful place; under the hood. Knowing that those original pads, as waffle design and no aluminum heat shield, were close to not available anymore, I contacted the parts manager at my MB-dealer ship. After a few email contacts it became clear that this was the last one available in Canada.
Lucky Me!


Hood pad A 126 682 02 26
Glue MB A 000 989 92 71 09 or
3M Super Trim Adhesive


plastic cover, plastic scraper, paint tape, marker

How to

Start by covering the engine compartment with a big enough cover, either plastic or cloth. Leave the hood in the half-open position and start removing the old pad or the left over of the pad by using a plastic scraper. The pieces still on the hood will be removed the same way, using the scraper. But it will take time, a bit effort and patience. Lots of patience.
When the surface is quite clean and smooth, you can "test fit" the new pad. There is a mark in the middle of the top which will be the center. After the initial "test fit", get a second person helping to hold the pad in correct position and mark the top position on the hood for reference when glueing it to the hood. Make more marker if you think you need. Maybe think again how you want to proceed to glue the pad. Once sticked on, you are NOT able to move it. Now it is time to apply the glue to the pad and hood and leave it sit according to the material instructions.

Glueing Tips

Whit a second person: Start at the top and stick it in place. Slide your hand in the middle with light pressure downwards over the pad to stick it in place. Don't work on the sides yet. If that is proper, start working on one side from the middle outwards. The second person is working the same way on the opposite side. Smoothen out if needed and wipe over with light pressure to make it stick real good. Check around the edges and apply glue where needed.

Check the drying time on the material instructions before starting the engine. Enjoy your new pad.