On these pages you will find information about my 300SE from 08/1990.
My dream car par excellence.
The W126 has always been my dream. As described above, it is simply elegant, timeless, and more. One day I was standing in front of my dream car, which was in 1992, and since then I have been stuck to my 300er. In the following years, up to January of 2000, the 300er was my daily driver and never let me down.

Due to personal circumstances I had to leave my 300er mid February 2000 in it's garage for about 12 years. Finally, in October of 2011 the time had come. After installing a new battery and turning the ignition key, the 300SE awoke with a single start, to new life. And all that with the original equipment. After a proper check-up in December 2011 I was able to enjoy my 300er on the streets of Germany until the first week of January 2012.

Another waiting period of 2 months and after a long journey across the Atlantic, my 300er arrived finally in it's new home town. I still remember it very well: it was Saturday, March 24, 2012 as the 300er was rolled out of the overseas container by myself and my volunteers. After connecting the battery, emptying a 10L canister of gasoline into the tank, and turning the ignition key, the quiet evenly humming of the engine was enjoyed with a big smile on our faces. What a wonderful moment.
After all of this, I couldn't refuse my volunteers a short test drive. All were amazed at the quiet and comfortable drive. Comments such as "you don't noticed the railway tracks at all" or "be careful you don't fall asleep when driving on the highway with this long wheelbase and that comfort" I enjoyed to the fullest. There is only one thing I can say:

Die Sonderklasse(W126) - Pure Driving Pleasure!